Or !!! GOLD !!! Midget Boys Soccer

30 October 2017

Congratulations to our Midget Boys Soccer Team!

They beat Rosemount High School 2-1 last Wednesday. The match was super well played and intense until the very end.

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3 October 2017

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Kindergarten (EMSB) : We still have room !

30 August 2017

There are kindergarten spots still available for the EMSB students. If you are interested, please contact us for more information ! FACE School : 514-350-8899  

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EMSB Focus June 15, 2017

27 April 2017

The EMSB Focus is the monthly newsletter of the English Montreal School Board. Please click on the link below or cut and paste it into your internet browser.

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FACE School closed due to bad weather (Wed. March 15th)

14 March 2017

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Changes to the school calendar

5 December 2016

Please take note of the following: Tuesday January 10th becomes a Monday; Wednesday March 15th becomes a Monday; Tuesday April 11th becomes a Friday; Thursday April 27th becomes a Friday; Wednesday May 24th becomes a Monday.

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Transportation, FACE School

3 October 2016

The EMSB understands how parents of students attending FACE have been inconvenienced due to the cancelling of bus services at the school. FACE is a 240-status school; that is, a school with a special mandate/project.  The EMSB has not provided bussing to students of its 240-status schools for years.  Nevertheless, the EMSB students at FACE were receiving bussing through the CSDM and not through the EMSB. In July 2016, the CSDM decided to cancel transportation for their students to their three 240-status schools and as a result, the EMSB students at FACE also lost bussing services. Thank you for your understanding,                       Evelyne Alfonsi, Directrice régionale, EMSB Regional Director, EMSB

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EMSB Virtual Library

27 October 2014

Online knowledge including Britannica, Universalis, ERIC database and lots, lots more. Go to the EMSB webpage, click on Our initiative then click on Virulal Library. Access to the EMSB Virtual Library is free and available from home 24 hours, 7 days a week via the following universal entry access: Username: emsb Password: csem  

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EMSB Focus

24 September 2014

The EMSB Focus is the monthly newsletter of the English Montreal School Board. Please click on the link below or cut and paste it into your internet browser.

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Home and School Associations Fall Conference for Parents Oct.25

16 September 2014

The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations is holding a Fall Conference for Parents, October 25th, 2014 at the Pearson Electro-technology Center and we would like to invite the parents of your school to attend. Our conference theme BRAIN MATTERS will be looking at Brain development and how it impacts our kids. This will be an excellent opportunity for your parents to discover what is really going on in the heads of our children-what to expect and what not to expect. The QFHSA will be hosting a panel discussion on School Board Elections as our contribution to encouraging voter participation on November 2nd. Your parents will have an opportunity to meet parents from other schools at the Regional Council meetings, enjoy a luncheon and participate in the panel discussion. We look forward to meeting some of the parents from […]

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